Identifying Unique Opportunities in a Sea of Early Stage Biopharmaceutical Companies

Our blend of scientific knowledge, awareness of true medical need, experience in founding and steering a company all the way from bench to public company status, relationships built through over a decade of work within the biotechnology community, and a close knit team of managers and investors has been deployed to capture unique investment opportunities in potentially disruptive companies within a sea of less compelling opportunities, enabling us to focus resources on those that have the best chance of transforming patients’ lives.


NuMat Technologies, Inc.

NuMat Technnologies is an advanced technology company innovating at the intersection of high-performance computing, chemistry and hardware systems. We work with leading partners in the semiconductor, life-sciences and energy sectors to design material-enabled products that meet the most demanding customer requirements. NuMat is a recognized pioneer in the field of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) — an emerging class of nanoporous materials. MOFs have surface areas far exceeding those of traditional adsorbents and can be programmed to uniquely interact with target molecules at the atomic level. NuMat’s expertise lies in the design and integration of MOFs into next-generation storage, separation and purification systems. In doing so, NuMat enables previously unachievable form factors, performance and cost-advantaged production economics. NuMat provides a total solutions platform for product commercialization, pairing world-class material discovery software with application development and manufacturing expertise. For more information, visit  

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angelMD Inc.

angelMD, an online healthcare investment and innovation marketplace, connects and engages a network of physicians, angel investors, early stage healthcare companies and subject matter experts through a powerful technology platform to create better outcomes for patients and investors. 


Poseida Therapeutics, Inc.

Poseida Therapeutics is translating best-in-class gene engineering technologies into lifesaving cell therapies. The company is developing CAR T-cell immunotherapies for multiple myeloma, prostate and other cancer types, as well as gene therapies for orphan diseases. P-BCMA-101 is Poseida’s lead CAR-T therapy currently in Phase 1 clinical development for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Poseida has assembled a suite of industry-leading gene engineering technologies, including the piggyBac™ DNA Modification System, TAL-CLOVER™ and Cas-CLOVER™ site-specific nucleases, and Footprint-Free™ Gene Editing (FFGE). 

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bellicum is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company striving to deliver cures through controllable cell therapies. The Company’s next-generation product candidates are differentiated by powerful cell signaling technologies designed to produce more effective CAR-T, TCR and allogeneic T cell therapies. Its lead product candidate, rivo-cel, is an allogeneic polyclonal T cell product that has shown promising results in reducing leukemia relapse after a stem cell transplant. Bellicum’s lead GoCAR-T candidate, BPX-601, is designed to be a more efficacious CAR-T cell product capable of overriding key immune inhibitory mechanisms.

Marker Therapeutics, Inc.

Marker Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company with the potential to significantly disrupt the current cell therapy landscape. The Company is developing a portfolio of non-genetically modified, multi-antigen T cell therapies, which are able to recognize and kill heterogeneous tumors more effectively than conventional single-antigen CAR-T/TCR approaches.


NexImmune Inc.

NexImmune is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to help cure cancer by directing T cell function using precision technology and personalized therapeutics. The Company’s proprietary AIM Technology uses artificial Antigen Presenting Cells (aAPC) to create highly targeted T cell-based immunotherapies. In preclinical studies, aAPC have demonstrated the ability to clear established tumors by expanding antigen-specific T cells when injected directly (in vivo) or when used as part of an ex vivo cellular expansion system. 


AsclepiX Therapeutics

AsclepiX Therapeutics Inc. is a biologics company using computational biology and artificial intelligence to identify potent peptide regulators of vascular and cellular homeostasis. The clinical candidate peptides discovered by AsclepiX tap into these naturally existing self-regulating mechanisms, evolved over millions of years, that the body uses to maintain homeostasis and thus restore and maintain health. AXT107, the lead clinical candidate, has a unique mechanism of action that inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and activates Tie2, two clinically proven pathways of diseases of the retina, and has the potential to transform the treatment of ocular diseases with best in class efficacy and a long duration of action that could support once yearly dosing. AXT107 is poised to enter the clinic in a Phase I / II trial in mid 2020.

Sightly Enterprises, Inc.

We are a well-rounded team of software developers, media & data gurus, and video geeks who are focused on helping our customers deliver relevant video ads across every device to people who actually choose to watch our commercials.  Our award-winning TargetView™ software combines proprietary People-Centered Targeting™ with dynamic ad personalization, campaign management automation and innovative optimization data science to deliver Performance Video that hits your KPIs across the entire customer journey.  We are headquartered in sunny San Diego, with a fast growing office in New York City.

3DBio Therapeutics, Inc.

Leaders in making therapeutic-grade bioprinting a reality for patients

3DBio Therapeutics is a biologics and bioprinting company with a focus on regenerative medicine that precision manufactures living tissues to allow replacement of each individual patient’s parts with tissues designed and created specifically for them.

ControlRad, Inc.

ControlRad is a privately held medical technology company developing innovative products that dramatically reduce the radiation exposure from fluoroscopically guided procedures (FGP) for patients and healthcare professionals. ControlRad’s products are designed to improve safety without compromising image quality or workflow. They include an integrated set of proprietary components, which optimize the X-ray beam to deliver optimal image quality in the clinically relevant region while maintaining appropriate resolution in the periphery. ControlRad is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has engineering development facilities in Kfar Saba, Israel.