Rapha Capital Management is focused on identifying and growing revolutionary ideas in medicine, healthcare and technology before others can see their value.  Our founder and managing partner, Dr. Kevin Slawin, was a pioneer in Robotic Prostatectomy using the da Vinci System (Intuitive Surgical NASDAQ: ISRG) and was the first to perform this procedure in the Texas Medical Center in 2001.  The procedure later went on to become the fastest adopted surgical technology in the history of medicine and ISRG has a market cap of over $55 billion.  Dr. Slawin also founded Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., developing controllable cellular immunotherapy in 2004, a time when most leaders in clinical medicine were convinced that immunotherapy would never play a significant role in cancer medicine.  In 2014, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals completed a successful IPO, with a market capitalization of $500 million, and today, immunotherapy, including checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T cell immunotherapies, have become the most important advances in oncology in decades, generating cures in a growing list of heretofore incurable cancers, while creating billions of dollars in value in the process.  We continue to apply this vision to our evaluation and selection of early stage investment opportunities today.